A top supplier

WINPHARMAMED offers products and services to the highest standards of the medical industry and applicable law.

The company is the only HAUX hyperbaric chamber supplier in Romania, of related products, but also of specialized technical support.

Our product range

Haux Starmed / Quadro

Multiplace hyperbaric chambers

Haux Starcom / Haux Medicom

Diving Pressure Chambers

Haux Divestar

Hyperbaric simulators for diving / Hypobaric simulators for aviation

Haux Testcom

Test chambers / Explosion chambers


Device for early detection and monitoring of peripheral autonomic neuropathy

Dopplex® Ability Automatic ABI System

Automatic Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) System


We have developed our expertise in carrying out many large-scale projects, thus becoming a competent and serious supplier.


Our team supports you throughout the process, from specialist advice to procurement, commissioning and follow-up assistance.


We are results-oriented and meet the needs of customers in the best conditions – technical and financial.

Technical support

A product is as good as its service and support

We guarantee our support, always from our specialists specialized in maintenance and repairs both during the warranty period and during the post-warranty period, that and whenever you consider this aspect necessary.

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